Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Federal taxes are filed and done! Tax return should be en route later this week. I admittedly should have done them a long time ago, but I always put them off til April (even with they are super easy like they were this time).

Stay tuned for the exciting epic sequel, The State Tax Returns!

Anyway. Enough with questionable puns.

Today we got fed not one but two Easter dinners. I didn't eat much of the second one, but it was still pretty tasty. The Easter treats of yesterday's post were a big hit and instantly stopped all whining in our Primary class today (though that may have also been because treats = time to go home). I made some headway in Royal Envoy (excellent iPhone/PC game especially if you skip the "plot" cut scenes) and picked Dragon Quest V back up after a little hiatus due to the arrival of Professor Layton a few weeks ago.

Most importantly though, I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the talks in church and remember the Savior's ultimate sacrifice and the joy of His resurrection. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday as well.

He is Risen!

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