Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping Expedition

I went shopping with Amy today. We're determined to do a steampunk photo shoot before she moves, and of course I was severely lacking in the outfit department. So we hit up Plato's Closet, Kohl's, and the mall with varying success. (No pictures yet. I don't want to spoil the photo shoot.) I found two skirts at Plato's closet - which, obviously I would only wear one, but the other one was brand new (tags still on) and only $6. It's white. I probably wouldn't pay more than that for a white skirt. I'm terrified I will instantly get it dirty. Not this particular skirt; just in general with white pants/skirts.

ANYWAY. Kohl's was quite disappointing (they are pretty hit or miss) but we found some fun stuff in the mall, including an awesome pocket watch on a necklace that I totally bought with my Christmas money that I'm hoarding. Except I don't think the watch part actually works, but I have to investigate more fully to be certain. But still. It looks cool. Also Amy gave me some boots (the ones she let me borrow for the steampunk party a while back). SHOES! Excellent! I will miss her so much when she moves away.

Also also we found some cool headbands at Icing but they were nearly all like $20 which is completely ridiculous. Maybe I'll make myself one for super cheap. Dang. I should have taken a picture of my favorite as inspiration.

That's pretty much all I got. But my outfit is coming together very nicely. And now I'm exhausted and should go to bed. Sorry this was a bit disjointed.

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