Friday, April 13, 2012

Pictures from Wing Night

Proof of our adventurous spirit. Warning: this is a picture heavy post because I don't feel like writing a Dragon Quest V review tonight. But one is coming soon! And I finished our state tax return tonight and it was surprisingly easy! Also if you ever get the chance to go out to eat with Nathan (and me), you should totally do it because he is hilarious. Especially that one time when we went to Outback Steakhouse and he asked for everything "on the barbie".

Nathan holding the menu

Man, those soft pretzels were really tasty. We got Parmesan Garlic sauce and cheese sauce to dip them in.

Slowly decimating the boneless wings. With lots of water to wash them down.

Nathan trying the Caribbean Jerk - which he was afraid would be super spicy and then was surprisingly delicious with a very manageable kick.

Our writing group friends :)

Here I go, trying Caribbean Jerk.

Here we are dominating the trivia game in between stuffing our faces.

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