Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Crafty Endeavors

I spend a good chunk of time this afternoon cultivating my crafty side some more. See, my sister-in-law holds a boutique/bake sale every year to raise money for Autism Speaks because my niece and nephew have autism. I live in another state so I can't help out a whole lot, but I can donate crafts at least. :) I'm running a bit behind this year - the boutique is this Thursday - but hopefully my meager contributions will get there in time.

I made five pairs of earrings and four plushie monsters (though to be fair, the crocheting was done already from my Christmas rush; I just had to do the faces and stuff them - so not quite so impressive as you may think).

I am kind of terrible at photographing earrings. But we have blue and purple/green on the left, and turquoise, brown, and purple/yellow on the right.

Yay! More monsters!

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  1. Everything looks great Bec! I especially love the turquoise earrings, so pretty. And Miss M and Mr N love their monsters so these are a perfect addition to the boutique for other kids to enjoy as well. Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!