Thursday, April 12, 2012

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

We had a double date tonight with Nathan's brother and his brother's girlfriend. First we went to Applebee's, then we saw The Hunger Games (finally). Best part was that it was free because we had gift cards to both places. Yay! (Also, I forgot how freaking expensive movies are in the evening...)

So, was the movie everything I hoped and dreamed? Was it everything you hoped and dreamed, because I'm pretty sure most everyone I know saw it a week ago or more?

Here are my impressions anyway. (It's late, so this isn't a magical essay or anything. More like stream of consciousness.)

It's a good movie. It's worth watching once. My sister in law would hate it (but then, she refuses to read the books too - not because they are bad but because she doesn't want to deal with the emotional drama it presents with children killing children). I agree with everyone who complained about the shaky cam at the beginning (pointless and really excessive, and did I mention pointless?). The movie did a good job at conveying violence without showing much, which I appreciated. I think Katniss is a better character in a first person book than in a movie, but I also think the actress did a really good job with what she was given. I imagined Cinna a lot more flamboyant (and he was, in the books, but I guess it's fine they changed that some). The most powerful scene in the entire movie for me was ***SPOILER*** when it cut to District 11 after Rue dies. (Not Rue's actual death. That was a bit long and almost melodramatic.) ***END SPOILER*** WOW. That had more punch than any movie scene I've seen in a long time.

So in short, I'm glad I saw it once, and I probably won't see it again (at least for quite a while). I'm not one for rewatching a lot of movies anyway, so don't take that personally, Hunger Games fans. It's still a great example of book to film gone well.

And now I have the final boss left in Dragon Quest V and that's it (except the post game bonus content) and I really ought to go to bed but I'm so close to finishing...


  1. I was disappointed after seeing it once, so I actually think I need to see it again because I think I had too many expectations going into it that colored it. That will probably only happen when it goes to DVD, though.

    Spoilers will probably follow.

    I agree that all were stronger characters in the book (Peeta in particular had some terrible dialogue/acting), but I do like the out-of-Katniss's head scenes we get in the movie (Haymitch gaining sponsors, District 11 riot, behind-the-scenes games). I felt the movie could have been five to ten minutes longer (even just two or three minutes could have gotten us more character-developing dialogue between Katniss and Peeta in the cave) and included some important scenes/back story that are currently just left out.

  2. I agree with you. Very well done. I was all in love for a couple days and then came back down and realized that I don't really want to see it again any time soon (and for the same reason you mentioned, I'm not typically a re-watcher).

    I also agree about the scene you spoke of in your spoiler. VERY moving, probably my favorite part. Visually powerful in a way that a book (obviously)wouldn't be able to be (something more adaptations should shoot for).

    Fortunately I did not really have ANY expectations (been burned too many times), until I read a positive review by a blogger I trust. Then I started to be cautiously excited haha.